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Hey guys so basically I have a couple questions.

The first one is. Should my doctor of told me more about this port they put in? Well basically my POTS doctor who is a peds cardio wanted me to get a PORT put in for my IV saline infusions. So I had it put in about 4 weeks ago. He never called to check up on how it went or anything. I don't see him again untill late August. Also he never told us how long he is planning for me to do the treatments, etc. I am a bit concerned with his lack of concern with follow up care. Now he is a great doctor, but the only thing that makes me irratated with him is the lack of follow up he has with me. The only thing he does is email us but that is when we contact him. It is almost like we are on our own untill the next appt, unless we contact him through email.

Ok next question: Where I should go if I am sick, or need to be admitted? Ok so I know you guys can't like answer this but basically just wanted to put out this quesion as to what would you guys do in this scenerio. My doctor never told me which hospital I should go to if needing to. Not sure if I should just go to our hospitals or go to the one my POTS doctor practices at. So I live in charlotte and my POTS doctors practics at Duke Childrens in Raleigh. When I need to go to the hospital, I am not really sure on where I should go. I really rather drive the 2 1/2 something hours to go the their Peds ER. I say this because they know more about my condition and I can be at the hospital my doc practices at. OK but here is the problem... mom says that it is not worth the drive and I can just stick to the hospitals down her sigh -_- What would you guys do?

Last question: lol so this is kinda totally unrellated to the questions above hah but here it goes. It is starting to get hot where I live, and my friends are starting to ask me to go outside and tan with them. I can handle it for a little bit of time but not much. But I have a chest port, is there any special percautions I should take with it in the sun? LOL idk if that sounds right. I just don't know if you are aloud to put (tanning lotion on it, or are aloud to have it exposed to the sun for a while?)

Sorry this is so long. I just had a few questions, and so I just put them all in one topic to make it easier. Hope they make sense. LOl ^_^

Hope everyone is doing well, and best wishes to everyone!

Hugs :wub:

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We all need some sun for vitamin D for about 20 minutes a day, but I wouldn't stay out too long if I were you, especially if you are heat sensitive, and drink plenty of fluids, because you know how easily we dehydrate, too!! Maybe staying in the shade part of the time would be a good idea. Definitely use some sun screen for protection :) Enjoy your friends. You already know how I feel about the doctor and hospital issues...have a good day!

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