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Fluttering Sensation Behind Forehead... Anyone Else?

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I get this weird fluttering like feeling in my head, right behind my forehead. It makes me feel a little lightheaded and like I can't focus my vision. You know how you feel when you get a heart palp that makes your heart feel like it's fluttering? That's really close to how it feels only it's in my forehead. Does anyone know what causes is this or does anyone else have this? I've had it off and on for years now, but never thought about asking about it.

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I really know what you are talking about, mine though happens close to my ears or neck and it is more like thumping; ( A bit like a buttefly is trapped in the back of my head and sensation of vibrating feeling) and once it starts, it lasts for hours.It seems to come on suddenly with no prior warning or associated symptoms.

I am just like you, would like to know about this strange phenomena!

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