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Going To The Movie Theater

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I saw a movie a few weeks ago, The Notebook : ), and thought maybe some people could relate to this feeling...

When the movie pans from one person's face to another, so they are kind quickly going by everything in between those people, i kind of got dizzy/uncomfortable. So I would look down or close my eyes.

Anyone experience this? It doesn't happen at home, but that is probably because it way smaller screen and movies generally don't pan at home, they just cut from one face to another.

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I have definitely experienced the same thing! My husband videotaped a few of my son's basketball games for me and I was trying really hard to watch it with my son at my side, but all of the panning around made me dizzy and nauseous.

It has also happened recently when kids were around and one of them started spinning in circles. My body was reacting as if I was the one doing the spinning.

...not sure why that happens...

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I get the same symptoms at movie theaters. I think the dizziness leads me into having anxiety which of course makes things worse..

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