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Still Going Strong

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Things have been going very well over here. In so much that I feel I am almost back to normal activity. The waves of lightheadedness are still coming, but I have found I am able to push through them. Let's hope this remains to be the case. The fast heart rate has also been at bay. I also rarely feel good and am very tired, but I try not to let this come between me and my progress and activity. Last week I drove every day, went out with friends three days in a row. Went for a 30 minute bike ride around the neighborhood, started about 150 seed pods for my garden and have spent around 8 hours a piece each of the past two days in my garden. Today, I woke up and wrote a cover letter, ran some errands, visited family, met a friend for dinner and then went out for drinks ( I had water). I hope that my story can provide some encouragement for others. You can do this :)

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It's good to hear success stories - gives me hope.

I've been doing pretty well - went for a 2 hour walk on Sunday and then worked on Monday (1/2 day - I can't do mornings yet) , and I'm reasonably okay today!

I attribute the improvement to the anti-histamines I'm taking. Nothing, but NOTHING else has worked, and most things made me worse. These are still early/experimental days with the anti-histamines. I take ridiculously tiny amounts of acrivastine (Benadryl Allergy sold here in UK) during the day, then diphenhydramine (that's the old Benadryl) at night. I'm far, far from normal - as I sit here at the computer, my head is subject to a big dizzy "swooping" surge, just to remind me of that. I'm often frustrated and very depressed with my lack of abilities - but this is a massive improvement over a year ago.

Here's to everyone's improvement....

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Congrats to you! Glad you are really truly enjoying each day!

Thanks for sharing your positive stories. Keep 'em coming! I can't wait to start my garden either.

Maybe you have mentioned before, but what do you think it is now that has really pushed you to another level? Is it just time, you are healing?

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Can you tell me. Have you been doing something different? I'm sorry, I'm not up on your health issue. I always like positive stories. I was feeling so great in December and was able to ride my bike for the first time in 5 years. It was soooooooo exciting. But then I got the flu 3 weeks later and haven't been the same again, but.....my thyroid medication had stopped working making the autonomic neuropathy worse. I was so happy to hear this as it is an easy fix and am hoping to get back to the bike soon and that thyroid was the main issue. My bicycle misses me so much. Can't wait!!!! Good health to you!

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