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Clinic for drug withdrawal in UK??


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Hi, has anyone heard of a clinic where you can go in the UK, if you are referred by 2 doctors (which I can get!!! no probs!) to be weaned off medication such as morphine, gabapentine and 18 other drugs I am currently taking.

My mum had rung me today and said she has heard of a clinic that can do this and give you help thru it all, as an inpatient, but doesnt know where it is in the UK.

Has anyone in the world ever heard of such a clinic because my family wants me referred to that clinic because of all my symptoms and conditions which appear to be caused by POTS and also side effects, as many of you have advised me (as I and my family agree) over the past weeks.

My mum has said that it is difficult to get a NHS referral, but if I can find 2 doctors which I can easily out of the 8 I see!! B) they can get me admitted to this clinic on the NHS and I dont have to pay for it as it costs loads of money.

If ANYONE has heard of such a thing, be it here or in anywhere else in the world, or has any advice, view, comments, please please can you help me.

I am only 41, my life is passing me by; I want to just be able to pick my daughter up and cuddle her, but I cant because of the pain I am in - she has become my carer and its not fair. I do have a supportive husband but he has to earn the money for our living so during the day I have no one here at all.

I am an only child, tho my parents are great, my friends now seem to be taking their distance. The friends I have left all wonder in awe how I cope and dont give in to my illnesses and everyone is so surprised and proud that I study Egyptology at Uni level and have just passed my 1st years degree in Egyptology with distinction, even in my condition. My tutur says I write better essays after a "good anastethetic (sorry cant spell, brain gone awal!).

I feel to wretched, my skin hurts like Ive got the flu, I cant think straight; I feel sick and keep falling over and I generally feel yukky! :D

Since I was discharged from hospital on Friday, my right arm has felt heavy and dull and I toldthem in the hospital and they werent interested, neither is my GP. The Dr also says I am low in iron stores, but hasnt put me on any iron supplement. Does anyone thin it would be a good idea to go on a good supplement, and if so, can anyone recomend one please?

Can anyone offer me any advice; my drs are all over the place and never communicate with each other, it seems to be different in other parts of the world.

Please help me if you can. I know that things will get better, but I just need the "light" at the end of the tunnel to becomea little clearer, if you know what I mean.

Best wishes to you all


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Wow, you poor girl! I haven't been to England since 1997, but there was a medical inpatient university right behind where I stayed in London, in Bloomsbury near Russell Square. Not sure if they can help.

The only suggestion I can make, is have you tried "consolidating" doctors? Do all eight know each other? Do all of the docs know everything you are taking? That is an awful lot of medication for one body to filter. Also, I would not quit anything unless supervised by a physician.

I think your first step should be to pick the physician you trust the most, bring in a list of all of the other physicians, and medications you are taking, and go from there.

Good luck to you!

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I am so sorry! I know there are places all over the US for inpatient drug withdrawal and being on 18 meds, regardless of what they are can't be good for you! I am not at all familiar with the UK, except it seems to be harder to get help than here, which is sometimes hard to believe. I agree with avais (sorry) You need to get into one of these docs, like the primary one you see and make sure he knows everything going on with you. A lot of doctors are not good at communicating with each other. Good luck! morgan

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