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Does Florinef Counteract Mestinon?

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I'm taking both florinef and mestinon, but i don't think they interfere with each other.

I do have some side effects from both - headaches, cramping, tiredness/drowsiness, muscle weakness (minor), but I am quite happy with the progress I am making lately, and knock on wood, fingers crossed etc, I hope I'm on the right path.

What makes you think they do interfere in your case?


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ive been taking mestinon at a certain time of the day and it works great until i take Florinef two hours later. Maybe the side effects of florinef are causing me to feel that way. Im finding it pretty stimulating even at half a tab but my doc says it will even out so heres to hoping! Im also eating LOTS of salty foods.

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Could it be something to do with the timing of the meds?

I take .1 mg florinef in the AM along with 30 mg mestinon and I do have a bit of a hard time starting the day - drowsiness seems to be the major issue with me, but if I push myself through it and resist the urge to go back to bed, it's not too bad. I also load on salt (my poor stomach is probably hating me by now :unsure:) and I aim for 3-4 liters of fluid a day.

It took a while for the dr to find the "right" amounts of meds - they seem to be working for now, and it also took a while for me to see some improvement, but I'm happy to have listened to my dr.

One more thing - you might ask your dr about supplemental potassium along with the florinef, as florinef could be depleting your body of potassium while facilitating sodium retention.

(I might have posted this before, but just in case - I take .1 mg florinef AM and .1 mg before bed, mestinon: 30 mg AM, 22.5 mg at noon, and 15 mg at 4 PM).

Good luck, and let me know if I can help.


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