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Valproic Acid Upregulates Net Expression

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Wow so interesting! I was actually on Depakote for a few years, but that was long before I got bad. I dont remember any side effects to the medication, and it definitely helped with my migraine.... not really even sure why I went off of it........

This is a great article!

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It's hard to say because it is difficult to separate where the migraines end and the POTS begins. There is a lot of overlap in their symptoms. I would say from a strictly orthostatic view, no my symptoms are not affected by this drug (i.e. standing in line too long is still a problem, when I stop walking I suddenly get dizzy from all the abdominal/leg pooling, still get HR increase when upright). But, some of the other symptoms such as the drunken feeling and the motion sickness are reduced in frequency and severity. The question there is still whether those symtpoms should be attributed to migraine or POTS. I, personally, look at the migraine and POTS as related conditions because they definitely feel related in my body and my orthostatic intolerance is definitely worse when I have a migraine.

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