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Urine Output


Urine output  

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Well before DX of POTS and Dysauto and before Florinef when they thought I had diabetes insipidus my outpout was anywhere from 6500 to 7800 in 24 hours. I drank a lot, but rarely that much, I put out more than I took in. I filled up 3 containers once.

About 6 months into Florinef my drinking and peeing got less, I wasn't constantly thirsty.

Now my outpout is between 3500 and 5000 and I usually don't take in that much.

I'm guilty of not drinking enough now.

However my urine has almost always been clear.

In fact when I had my hysterectomy in June of 2011 my surgeon had told me how much to drink and I had to do Go-Litely, he said properly hydrated people deal better after surgery with everything.

The first thing he told my Mom after surgery was that I was the first person in YEARS whose urine in the cath bag was CLEAR which is how it should be and how he knows if someone has hydrated correctly.

When I woke up I got high praise for knowing how to hydrate correctly. Strange thing to be proud of I'm sure.

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I take in about half what I put out, unless medicated. I can lose 8lbs in a day and it is always clear and of low osmolality. I have been diagnosed with partial diabetes insipidus. If your first morning urine is clear, that is a big tell...but with DI there is no such thing as a "first" unless you count the midnight, 2 am, 4 am, and 6 am trips to the toilet!

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My 24 hour output was over 6,000 ml. I definitely dont take in that much, but no doctor will do the test for diabetes insipidus because I answer "no" to "do you wake up at night to pee". Even when I explain myself and tell them that my bladder holds about 3 times what it should and that I wake up in pain b/c I have to pee so bad--they still tell me I dont have diabetes insipidus. I would love to try vasopressin just to see... I have a feeling it would help me more than anything else!!

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i am diagnosed POTS and central DI, both diagnosed at the sameish time. Central DI diagnosed by dehydration test.

I have stopped taking DDAVP for 3 weeks and was fine until today. Osmoality was very high, but today had a little more salt than usual and lost loads of urine.

what is the deal with salt sensitivity, even when on DDAVP when i have what some would call a normal amount of salt my body just over rides the DDAVP and i have to urinate BIG TIME!

looking in to sulfite sensitivity tyeing in with my MCAD but i don't know how one can be allergic to salt even with mcad.

feeling uber frustrated

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