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Very Basic Question About Being "orthostatic" Or "tachy"

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I have wondered about this... I have Orthostatic Hypotension. I usually have at least a 40-50 point drop upon standing. But once, when I was given too high of a dose of Mestonin my BP got up to 200/145 which for me is HIGH, HIGH. My normal upon waking, without meds, is in the 60s or 70s over 40s or 50s. The nurse did an orthostatic test on me- because lying down my BP was 200/145 (other factors could have led to this as well... I had also just finished a course of IVIG too which can lead to high BP) But I had to do the orthostatic BP tests 4x a day so we did it... and when I stood my BP went from 200/145 to 90/65 after standing for maybe 60- 90 seconds or maybe even less. I did not not faint but I had all the presyncope symptoms. My question is, does it do any damage to our bodies to have such rapid changes in blood pressure or do our bodies compensate for it just fine? I always wonder the same about tachycardia? When I am lying down my pulse is usually in the 70s. But within 60 seconds it will be 180+ standing still, no exertion. When I lie back down, it will be back to normal within 1-2 minutes. Do these drastic changes up and down or down and up have any negative impact on our bodies or do our bodies cope with these changes just fine without any harm done?

Not sure if anyone will know the answer but I guess I just want to know if this is all extra wear and tear or if it is not really considered "wear and tear" and something that our bodies are doing because it is what they are supposed to do.

I know, slightly silly question but I thought you all might have an answer for me. Thank you for indulging me!


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Hi jen,

If everyone gets hypoperfusion from oi, then I would "assume" that there is going to be some organ

damage. I get petite mals and sob upon standing and I'm sure that's not good for my body.

Btw, I keep forgetting to mention to you that when I got h pylori and parasites back in sept,

my oi was the worst it's ever been. I couldn't stand for more than a few seconds without being symptomatic.

Also, my gi transit time slowed. I didn't notice stomach pain until I'd been sick for 4 months. I was just wondering if you've been thoroughly tested for either of these.

Tc .. D

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No... I have not been tested for any of those things. It has never even come up. It is interesting that you bring this up, however. My dad just mentioned to me the other day that when I was 3 and 5 I tested positive for some kind of parasite and was very sick for quite some time- although I have no memory of the episode at 3 I only have a very vague one at the age of 5.

All of a sudden, my parents have been trying to remember things that happened to me as a kid. One thing they informed me of is that at 8 weeks old I had a serious case of influenza which had me hospitalized for a couple weeks I guess, and it was a very rare strain of some flu. I had a very high fever- 105-107 and it took days to break. Strangely, as far as anyone can recall, that is the last time I ever had a fever. I never remember having a fever in all my 38 years, and I have checked as many medical records as I can and have never found anything that shows a fever. Even when admitted for acute appendicitis about to rupture- right before surgery temp was 97.1. I should say that my temp tends to run lower- around 97- so I would guess a 98-99 would be a "fever" but that would even be rare.

Maybe I should mention the parasite thing (UGH... just the thought gives me the heebie jeebies) but since I have had them before.... it is worth mentioning and at this point anything is worth trying!!! Thank you for bringing that up!!


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