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Anyone Eat Beets?

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I know they are supposed to be good for you- but I absolutely detest them. I WISH I could eat them (I guess I should not say COULD- of course I could- but won't :P because I am a brat) because of the health benefit. I have ZERO appetite and hardly eat a thing at all and unfortunately survive mainly on meal supplements for the time being. I can't imagine that is very healthy either even though my doctors constantly tell me that I will be fine to continue drinking those and just making sure I get enough calories and the protein, vitamins, minerals I get from them serves me just fine. I believe, though, that it can't be the same as eating fresh, whole food.

It is like when my autonomic system "broke" my appetite sensor broke along with it. I am NEVER hungry. Ever. I could go a week without eating and still not be hungry. I have to set timers on my iPhone to remind me when to have my supplement drink and sometimes I will eat some pudding or applesauce as well... I also really struggle with swallowing as well.

Do you like beets?


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I eat beets and enjoy them. They are beneficial are rebuilding healthy digestive enzymes and warding off bacteria that enter the body through the gut, according to some alternative medicine doctors and I have found that this has helped me reduce the frequency of food poisoning incidents. Fresh, steamed beets are best, I think.

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I used eat them constantly when I was a little kid. Now I can barely stomach bland foods.

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