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I Have A Friend On Medicare Can't Afford Heart & Diabetic Meds


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Would anyone know of any resources when a person is down and out and can't afford their meds. I don't know what to do for this person as my funds are limited with all my medical expensives.

I'm very worried and was just told about this from another good friend. Thanks for any ideas you can pass along.

We should have a list incase we need it for anyone here in the same position and maybe afraid to ask.

I guess my friend's doc can't give anymore samples and I don't know what my friend takes, as I thought of calling the maker of the drug co. and ask for help.

Thanks for reading and that's what good friends are there for.

Thank you all ~

love ~

BellaMia ~

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Have they applied for extra help with Medicare part D? For low income individuals there is help available for paying the part D premium. It also lowers the drug co-pays (can be as low as $2.50 for generic and $6 for brand name) and provides coverage during the coverage gap.

If the problem is just that their insurance won't cover particular meds, then it could be beneficial to switch to a different Part D insurance carrier.

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From what I was told my friend makes a small amount above the limit on ss to to be in one of those programs. :( I HOPE TO FIND OUT MORE DETAILS TODAY and will pray @ church. Thanks Rachel for your help~


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