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Just Wondering?? Autoimmune Disease And My Crazy Idea? Does It Make Any Sense???

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hi everyone, although i haven't been working on this one (it was my night) i'd like to let you know that sometimes we need to set posts to "unapprove" to work on them (figure out what can stay and what needs editing). during that time the posts are invisible to all members (except moderators and admins). if you have any questions about one of your (missing) posts please pm the moderators so that we can explain what is going on. i think it's in everybodies interest to not have public debates here at the forum.

we usually pm every member who's post(s) is/are edited to explain why we needed to edit but please keep in mind that although we are with about 6 of us we all have dysautonomia too as well as a family, a job or what so ever so our time and/or our abilities is/are limited too. we sometimes can't react as quickly as we would have wished.

i really hope you all will understand and if you have any further questions, please feel free to pm (one of) us!

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Thanks. I know some people are tired of me talking about dietary interventions but seeing as how

I've made huge improvements and know others who've also improved via diet, I hate to see

people struggling with their health.

fwiw, if I'd continued to traditional medicine, I'm sure I'd be dead by now. They just don't know how important diet is.

Imho it's very sad that this group of highly intelligent people have been taught to prescribe drugs, etc

not how to help the patient heal their bodies.

imho, dr terry wahls, traditional md now functional, has the best info out on this. If you google her name you'll find her videos. Her TED

51 minute video says it all .. she even discusses where traditional medicine went wrong...Tc .. D

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