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Your Disease Course

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Strangely I now realise I had mild Livedo reticulitis on my palms since i was a kid.

I have this faintly on my arms and legs! Weird.

Ive had pots my whole life to some extent, but got much worse after a GI viral infection followed within days by bronchitis. I have good days and bad days but I dont ever remember a time when it wasnt there to some extent. I've definitely had periods of time though when I thought I was "better". At this exact moment in time I feel the best I have in years (due to an antibiotic?).

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Interesting that so many of us have IBS and gut ecology issues. Maybe, that's a big clue.

Rissy, when you get done with the antibiotics - I always start on the probiotics and repopulate with good bacteria. Seeing as antibiotics will cause yeast over growth. I also always take a good enzyme with my probiotics - seems to make it work better.


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Whic do you think best describes your disease course??

1. Sudden onset/ abrupt onset

2. Gradual onset

3. Always had it


1. relapsing / remitting

2. progressive (no let up and worsening - lets hope not)

3. good days, bad days

4. slow improvement over the course of years

5. relapsing / remitting but with progressive features

6. no change from onset

Glad you posted this. As, this post has helped me to 'think' and summarize the 'evolution' of my disease(s) process. To answer the first set..... i feel i've dealt with what i have all my life.... however each year, getting worse with a few relapses up until my 20s..... Then mono opened the door to a sudden onset of alot of this..... after that, i had relapsed alot, remitted alot.... had long functional times.... then long non functional times...... However i have noticed from mono 10 years ago to today, i have indeed grown much much worse, being at least over 75% bedridden since october 2009.

As far as the second set.... i have to go with 1, 2 and 3. With only small progresses here and there, but overall, none to where i can function daily, but again, i will have a good day here and there. BUT, my docs and i myself and really working hard at this, taking many approaches...... as im open to all, no matter how bizzare. Being stuck in a bed, when i should be graduating pharmacy school right now has really got me into the mode 'i've got to conquer this, at least, to some extent, if not fully'....... im determined to fight and figure things out as best as we can.

i'll have to stop and read over everyone else's .... very useful info... thanks for the thread RK

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Mine was sudden onset with mostly good days.

Rama said " Strangely I now realise I had mild Livedo reticulitis on my palms since i was a kid."

I didn't know what this was so I googled it. I've had this on my legs since I was a kid and didn't think anything of it, I just avoided shorts a lot!

I also had migraines prior to and during my first big attack.

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gradual onset and then more acute and progressive symptoms after several surgeries although I believe I have had Mast Cell illness from a young age the more my health history is delved into :) now I just have good days and bad days but can fall into sudden flares for weeks for no reason and even on my good days I am only good for a couple hours before I have to rest :(


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