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Carbon Monoxide And Pots Flare Trigger


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Yeah, a definite flare. I just recently did some research on snorkeling. Because the last two times I went, I got a major attack in the water and came out hyperventilating with severe tacky and couldn't catch my breath. I found out that when you snorkel depending on the snorkel there is a thing called dead space and carbon monoxide stays in that space and you re-breath it. The hyperventilating thing was to expel the carbon monoxide that had built up too much in me. Once I got control of the breathing and slowed it down and got the oxygen back to normal - I was okay. But, was very, very weak. The tacky and lack of O2 caused a severe POTS flare. I couldn't even pull off my rash guard - too weak. So, I would say for sure it causes a problem.

Now, I want to find out if swimming in salt water causes your blood pressure to go up. I know swimming itself can cause this, but just wondering if the addition of salt to someone who already has higher bp's would cause an increase in this and contribute to a POTS flare in the water.


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I definitely notice this, especially in states where there are no car emissions inspections and I get behind a 'beater'. For some reason poorly-tuned gas cars seem to be worse for me than diesels.

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