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Here's something that I wish I had sometimes


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Feel free to skip my story and skip down to the heart of the matter.

I have to admit that this week has been extremely trying and at times a bit stressful. On top of working full time, last week my son

re-injured/broke his elbow and I'm still waiting to get a definite diagnosis (another one of those aggravated medical stories I'll save for another time), my mom had surgery, my dad blew out his back over the week-end and hasn't been able to leave the hospital and he's getting surgery today and my boyfriend split with me again (he wants to be friends and I told him absolutely no more He left for yet another vacation to Italy today.)

Anyway that's not why I'm starting this post, my point was to say that this has been emotionally and physically draining. I have been struggling to remember if I have taken my pills the last few days or not. I have 2-one week pill boxes and sometime last week I got off a day and it's been down hill ever since. So an automated device would be nice, especially when I have my normal brain fog days. :lol:

MedReady Medication Reminder & Dispenser


Optional Red Flashing Strobe Light

The pill tray has 28 compartments that can be filled with medication. Each compartment is 1" x .5' x .75" and can hold pills of different sizes and combinations of sizes. When the alarm sounds, the tray advances allowing you access to the medication in that compartment. If you use one daily alarm, the tray is good for 28 days of medication dispensing.

Two alarms daily = two weeks worth of medication.

Three alarms daily = 9 days of medications.

Four alarms daily = one week's worth of medication.

If you miss a medication time, the tray will advance at the next scheduled alarm. This will prevent double dosing and medication errors.

Features an AC power backup and comes with rechargeable batteries that will last up to 72 hours.

A locking cover provides a tamper proof secure dispenser.

Measures 11 inches in diameter.

One year manufacturer warranty.

Costs less than other carousel dispensers and has many of the same features.

In addition to the standard alarm, the optional strobe light provides a visual cue for those individuals that are hard of hearing.

Free Shipping

NEW Option! P1450 Modem - Using the individual's phone line, the MedReady Modem will automatically call up your loved one (or you or the caregiver) alerting them that they missed a medication dose (this can be programmed from 30 minutes to 250 minutes after a missed dose). If your loved one (or you or the caregiver) answers the telephone a pre-recorded message will notify them that they missed a dose and the message will ask them (or you or the caregiver) to verify that they understood the message by pressing #1 on the telephone keypad.

If your loved one fails to answer the telephone or press #1 on the keypad then the MedReady Modem contacts a website via a toll free 800 number and initiates a telephone call to the caregiver/family member (three numbers can be added) notifying them of the missed dosage. If the first caregiver dialed does not answer their telephone the website automatically telephones the next caregiver/family member listed.

In addition, each day the MedReady Modem will log medication compliance information into an Internet reporting system that catalogs the time between the medication alarm time and the medication taken time. You can easily monitor this information via http://www.medready.net.

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Dear Briarose,

I'm sorry you have had such a bad time of it.

I have a weekly pill packet that breaks down into daily divisions that I take with me where ever I need to. I also have some small pill keepers that travel in my pusre that have enough meds for two full days. And I can get even more in there if I need to. I am also a note person, lots of notes all over the place.


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This place has the biggest selection I've seen, but it doesn't have the pretty ones I saw in the magazine


Here's another with some neat stuff and lots of choices


A long time ago I considered getting a vibrating pager type reminder so that I could take my midodrine on time, before it completely wore of and I had a big drop in bp and tachy episode. Never got to that as I had to discontinue the midodrine.


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Okay, here's the pretty one I was telling you about--


it's intended for birth control pills, but I'm sure you could put other pills in it too as long as their not those giant "horse" sized pills ;)


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Thanks nina and briar for the idea. I actually forgot to take my beta blocker this morning for the first time. I realized about 3 hrs late when the room literally started spinning. ;) Fortunately I had an extra one with me at work. I somehow made it thru the day, but am still feeling AWFUL (hopefully nothing a good night's sleep can't cure, tho). I guess I will have to invest in one of these nifty devices!


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I'm going to blame it on POTS--I forget my meds some mornings too. I am reluctant to admit how many times I've had to come home from work to get them. If I don't take them by about noon, I'm spinning too. My a.m. meds are the only ones that seem to give me a time limit before I get bad problems--most of my night meds are for allergies, asthma and GI. Mornings are bp&hr, and GI meds.


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Guest tearose

There are those hopeless times I would probably forget to fill the darn gadget too!

I wear an estrogen patch and after forgetting if the one I was wearing was the "new" one or the "old" one. :huh:

I decided to put the Sunday one on my right and the Wednesday one on the left. I had to train myself to look down at my belly and say, okay, "West on Wednesday"... :)

This way I remember the patch on my left is "west" and I put it there on a Wednesday. Gosh, I hope you can understand me.

I can't believe how hard some of this stuff is!

gotta keep laughing! tearose

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