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Hot Versus Cold Potsies? Any Difference?

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I can't deal with either end of the spectrum. My safe temperature zone is ~65-77F.  I'm typically very cold (have poor circulation and Raynaud's), but I get extremely ill (and get flareups) when I take hot showers or when exposed to hot temperatures.

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I’m basically cold blooded and kind of assume whatever the temperature is... I’m freezing when it’s cold out (I use rechargeable heating devices) and blazing hot when it’s hot. I do much worse in the heat, though... it just wrecks me. 

I noticed recently that I was able to stay warmer after I’d gotten IV fluids. They were not warm but room temperature (cool!), so it wasn’t the temperature of the fluids.

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I am the same as all of you @flowntheloop @Knellie @RecipeForDisaster - winters are better in general but I cannot go outside unless for brief periods b/c of Raynauds in my feet and in the summer I suffer terribly from heat and can only be outside early in the morning or later in the pm. I faint a lot more in the summer! 

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@Pistol It is pretty miserable, isn't it? I feel trapped in my own home when it is too hot outside (which is often where I live) or too cold! I've found ways to get outside during winter, but I look like the kid from the Christmas story.
In summer, I depend on my AC, but I have to wear warm clothes when I sit near them so I don't get flareups! If I DO have to get outside in summer, I can get VERY ill. Even walking the dogs for a couple of minutes in the sun can make me sick for several hours.

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