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Need Any Advice On Tmj. Went To Er, Even Morphine Shot Didn't Help Much???

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I have TMJ to but no to the extent yours is. The pain can be unbearable and I find when its at its worst I can't really open my mouth, talk etc. I rely on heat pads and a mouth guard. Mine seems to be triggered by stress, when I am stressed I clench my jaw I dont even realise I am doing it. When I am going through a flare I wear my mouth guard 24/7 and it seems to reduce the amount of time it takes for the flare to subside. Im not a tooth grinder as my dentist has found no evidence of this.

I really feel for you and hope you can find some relief soon xx


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Hi everybody..... i just wanted to pop in right quick and post a quick update. Since seeing my DO on monday, things calmed a bit but only till about 11 at night and then it all started back with a vengence. I called her the next day (yest) and she knew i was in some major pain, but couldnt get me back in to see her till 11 today..... so since monday night, yet again, no sleep, walking the floors, icing, heat presses, you name it.... i cried and cried and moaned up until today.

I went back to the DO.... but we first was going to make a 3rd trip to the er this morning at about 6 am.... but halfway there, i felt things were settling down to a tolerable level.... so i said 'turn around and take me back home.... ill make it to my DO appt.' So we came back home... only for the pain to restart viciously again. Since the hubbs had to work and all, i called mom again to come get me and take me to my appt. Haven't showered in 3 days and i didn't care what i looked like, i was in to much pain to care. She could see it all over my face, body, actions..... she knew i was in some terrible pain and that i hadn't slept in almost a week.

my side of my face is a bit swollen and now my bottom lip, gums, teeth feel like they had a novacaine shot (thats been going on for a day or so).... anyways, she said that i was in too much distress and pain for her to do any more facial manipulations, etc.... so finally without me asking (well i did get out that i direly needed pain intervention, and i need it bad)...

so she wrote a script for percocet and a few muscle relaxers until i see the oral surgeon in 2 weeks.

The pain meds and the muscle relaxer are working pretty ok..... it doesn't take all the pain away though but boy does it make it manageable......

i also got the most expensive mouth gaurd at walgreens (well my mom did).... so im using it some but it seems to at first make the jaw hurt more? i wander if that means i need to wait till i see the oral surgeon.... cuz i told my DO doc that my bite feels very off now for some reason.

anyways, just wanted to post a small update.... so again, im going to rest a bit and i'll get back to you wonderful ladies when im feeling much better...... knock on wood for me that the percocet continues to work.........

and to the newbie~ welcome... so good to meet you on here :) you have lots of great advice :)

love you all.... to be contd


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Until your muscles settle down - don't let a surgeon work on you because your jaw will go back in place when the spasms stop. I've had it as bad as you and it is horrible. But, when I got the muscles to settle down - it was still sore but so much better and my bite went back into the correct position. It just recently happened when I had to have a tooth filled - having it open that long - caused the issue. You really need to get checked for EDS - as this is a very good sign that this could be one of your issues.


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hey you guys....

issie~ i am so NOT wanting to do any surgery..... unless it is direly out of the question necessary. Im with you, i think once the jaw settles, it will feel back to normal again. I seriously do not want any surgery at this time, or for a long time. For some reason on the right side of my body, is where the joints will take turns 'acting up' for a year. in 2008-2009 it was my knee.... i could barely walk, and had to get my knee drained very often..... after about a year of that (that was while i was in college walking 20mins up and down steep hills to class 6 times a day (my knee started up after a boy ran over me and mostly my leg and that knee. After the right knee settled (which took well over a year, and i had already had previous issues with the knee anyways) but after it settled, then my right hip hurt for a good year.... now it's my right jaw..... seems to be an attack at individual joints in my body, taking turns every year??

So, yes, i need to get some answers on the EDS. I have an appt with an oral surgeon in 2 weeks. Do you guys know how i would be tested for EDS? My doc and I have discussed it and we both suspect i def have it. If i do have it, how does one treat it anyways?

thankful ~ I have wondered the same thing, many times...... but my last visits with my dentist was about 6 mths ago.... and basically we had worked on several teeth for about 4 weeks, getting them all filled, etc. I did notice though that after my teethwork and a few fillings that every tooth he worked on, hurt everyday, were super sensitive..... still are. Not sure if that goes along with EDS or what though.... But, the DO doc did check all my teeth when i was able to open my mouth wide on monday and all my teeth look great and all. No signs of infection in the gums, teeth or anything......

With the pain meds and muscle relaxers today, i have been able to rest and breath and calm down. The pain meds and muscle relaxers don't work 100%, but they sure have helped decrease the pain severity to a level that i can 'deal' with for the most part.

Oh wow, did i still need some sleep.... but i haven't been able to sleep yet.... every time i lay down, the pain gets worse..... which is why i have been sleeping propped up like in a recliner.

Im hoping to get back on here asap and answer anything i have missed. But for now.... im sighing a sigh of pain relief and being ever so grateful for the relief.... and continuously being thankful just to feel better again......

ok.... im gonna nap a bit more.... since i have had virtually no sleep since last thursday (which is another reason i have no drove since it all started bad a week ago.... too sleepy, and the pain would occasionally cause me to black out here and there.... so i've not driven in over a week now)......

ok, im literally falling asleep as i write! so i better go..... i'll let you all know how tonight and tomorrow go.....

and again thank you ladies!!!!

oh wait just a sec: for those of you who got a mouthpiece for tmj..... when i have the mouthpiece in, my jaw begins to hurt pretty bad.... is this normal?? or should I stop using it if the pain doesn't lessen?? I know of you guys/gals said that it was best to get it special made from the oral surgeon..... but my DO doc insisted that i get one from like walgreens anyways and use it till i see the oral surgeon. I bought of the most expensive ones that the pharmacist recommended. But when it's in, the jaw hurts pretty bad.... when i take it out, the pain quits after a while.

you all have a blessed night :)

thanks again so much you guys for hanging in there with me.... i have no earthly clue how i managed to make it an entire week under so intense pain without any pain meds...... shew, this one has totally wore me plum to the gills :( I will be most grateful when all of this is behind me....

thanks again, so much, everyone

tennille :) (finally resting:)

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I hope as I write this you getting much needed sleep!!

In regards to the mouthpiece, I think the OTC ones are best for people who just grind or clench their teeth when they sleep. For malocclusions, or bad bites, the prescription ones find the exact spot for you to find relief. Even though something is usually better than nothing, I would imagine if it hurts, then it could exacerbate TMJ stress. For me the OTC ones made it worse because I would dream I was eating and start chewing on it. :)

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My massage therapist has TMJ pain and she also specializes in helping people with TMJ pain. I was her "victim" when she did the training for this and she did all kinds of work on the inside of my mouth, around my jaw, on my throat, etc. It was not particularly enjoyable, but it might help in your case. You might try looking for a massage therapist in your area that deals with TMJ issues.

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My mouthpiece from the tmj dentis,t I was told to use bit by bit at first. My mouth would get sore, as it was slowly being pulled into the right position. I also gagged a lot and thought I would throw up. I was glad when all of that passed. I was very disappointed in my expensive mouthpiece. There was weekly adjustments, with charges that were crazy. It finally broke, and the next one was so thin that it wore out it places where I must have been grinding, because I was so mad. It even had gold in it. My friends all laughed when they saw it. They said why didn't you just have a nice bracelet made? lol If you ever have a tooth pulled, (I did in the back of my mouth) all your teeth move. Making the whole mouth piece no longer fits correctly. ;(

Please feel better soon ~ Bellamia

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I got a night guard from my dentist. My dentist told me it shouldn't hurt to wear it. At first it did, so I took it back and they did some work on it to make it fit better in my mouth. Once they did that, it no longer hurt to have the nightguard in my mouth. Perhaps your mouth piece isn't fitted right?

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OH, I went back weekly....He wasn't a dentist, He specialized in this. He had pics of well know people on the walls who came to him. I think it was my mouth. LOL :D

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I don't know if it would help the pain of TMJ, as I know its pretty intense, but there is a homeopathic topical analgesic cream named Traumeel that contains probably 30 or so homeopathic ingredients to help reduce inflammation and topically ease pain. I only bring it up because you asked if there were any natural aids out there. I have used Traumeel on my back when my herniated disc flares up and it gives me some relief although I would not pretend that it makes the pain go away...it just helps make it tolerable. It is odorless and I have never had a problem with it staining clothes or anything like that.

I hope you find some relief soon.


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