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Joint Pain

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I have noticed a lot of you on here have conditions such and EDS and BHJS. I was just wondering to those of you who have it and those of you who don't, what type of pain do you have with it? i know these conditions can be painful, but iv'e always wondered what type of pain it causes. Not specific dislocations, but just the general pain. I have a lot of joint problems, but i don't often have sharp pain with them. I just have general soreness and my muscles all feel tight and have a dull type of pain constantly. I just wanted your ideas about this and to know what type of joint pain you get. My joints also but crack and grind all the time. I have bursitis of the shoulder and my shoulder grinds horribly. I had surgery to fix it, and several sessions of physical therapy, but it hasn't helped. The surgery was very painful and only helped for maybe a month. I have had back pain sense i was like 6 or 7 and have mild scoliosis, and i have trouble keeping up with notes in school because of cramping in my hands. I went to a reumy once and he said nothing was wrong, i'm not in horrible pain, its just more of an annoyance. So please tell me the type of joint pain you have, describe it the best you can. Thanks!

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