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Does it ever end?

Guest Mary from OH

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Guest Mary from OH

Now, I have strep!! I've been in bed since yesterday afternoon. I feel like I'm going to die. This is getting ridiculous!! :o:blink::blink:

I'm playing the waiting game, waiting for my antibiotics to kick in... I'm praying it happens SOON!!

Oh yeah, I also have a question!! Does anyone know if Zoloft makes you gain weight?????? My other "exciting" news was that I GAINED 20 lbs!! I hardly even eat!! It makes me so mad!! My pain dr changed 2 of my meds and doubled my Zoloft. I'm thinking it might be the Zoloft. What do you think?

Hope everyone is doing better than me. Sorry to vent. I feel like total crap!

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I'm sorry you're feeling so crummy. Hope the antibotics kick in and let you feel better soon. I did gain weight while on Zoloft but it was at a time when the Dr's were changing my meds around so I couldn't say for sure if it was the problem. I'm sending you happy thoughts for a speedy recovery!

Denise :o

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Guest tearose

When the goin' gets tough, go to bed! Hey Mary, you should ask for a coupon book now from the doctor! I always suggest this after several visits so close...ya know, buy five get one free visit!

I am sorry you have strep and I hope the antibiotic kicks in soon!

Rest, stay hydrated...call for room service... :o

As soon as you feel better, how about joining me in my new loose the caboose plan?

If you increase your metabolism maybe you can get back to where you feel better?

best regards, tearose

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Hi Mary,

Ugh...20 pounds. In what kind of a time frame did you gain that weight? Last spring, I gained 16 pounds in 3 weeks. I wasn't on any medication and I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary. It was purely POTS. Joy. It took me until September to work it off, being that I couldn't just go out and start jogging every day, you know?

Hang in there, hun. :o Let me know if there's anything I can do to help (moral support, etc.). :blink:


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Guest Mary from OH


Yes, it was like 3 wks. It KILLS me!! I barely eat!! For Breakfast, usually I have water and some kind of muffin (usually with bran), I've been trying to add yogurt when I have time. For lunch, I have water and usually 1/2 of a wrap from Trader Joe's (very healthy) and sometimes some fruit if I'm still hungry. For dinner, I'll usually eat a little more. Of course, water, sometimes caffeine free diet coke. For example last night we had boneless, skinless chicken breast sauteed in soysauce and Japanese sticky rice and green beans. We will go out to "fast food" sometimes during the week because I tend to teach my Japanese students close to dinner time. However, often we will get Wendy's because it's the only place my daughter will eat!! That, or pizza!! And at Wendy's, I usually get salad and a baked potato. Or sometimes a chicken sandwich. If we get pizza , my husband and daughter will get pepperoni and I will get mushroom. Then I have LOTS of leftovers for all week. I will only eat about 2 pieces at a time. a medium pizza will last me for dinner and lunch most of the week.


I try to exercise when I can. I used to walk a lot. But, lately, I keep getting sick. But, I'm far from "inactive"!! I have a 5 year old that I'm carting around to everywhere. I volunteer at the school 2x a week. In the better weather, we walked to school every day. The bags I carry for tutoring weigh a lot, sometimes just THAT wears me out!! Plus, I do pottery on Tuesdays, and my bags for that are HEAVY!! And working on the wheel gives you a HUGE workout.

My weight has always depressed me. The drs don't seem to understand. They look at you and assume you eat like a pig and don't make any efforts whatsoever. I've had my thyroid tested so many times. I seem to have all of the symtoms, but I'm always "borderline". The last time it was tested, I was in the middle of the range. My PCP and then the endocrinologist just blew me off. I feel like no one listens.

Sorry, I got off on a pity party. But, it's such a sensitive subject with me. I've basically given up because no matter what I do, it just has no effect.

About 8 years ago, I was VERY sick. (now I know it was with POTS). I lost 60 lbs in 2 months. Although I was SO SICK I couldn't even be happy. I was sleeping 22 hrs a day I was in excruciating pain, no one knew what was wrong with me. I had severe diarrhea. I had EVERY GI test known to mankind. I ended up being diagnosed with FUO (fever of unknown origin), IBD (inflammatory bowel disease, not otherwise specified). They had no clue. Over time and lots of Asacol, I gradually got "better". The weight gradually came back on and the pain got less severe and here I am.

Thanks for listening. That was a very rough time in my life. I barely touched the surface. You are too kind for caring so much!!

Today is going better than yesterday, and I guess that's all I can ask for. I got exhausted this morning just getting dressed and ready. But, it was nice to get a shower and wash my hair. I had to sit down to dry it and curl it and put a little makeup on. But, it was worth it.

Thanks!!! :o

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Guest Mary from OH

Thanks everyone!!! Today is a new day. The antibiotics are STARTING to kick in. I'm still very weak, but at least I don't feel like I'm dying anymore!!

Thanks for all your support!! I needed it. I thoroughly exhausted myself getting ready this AM. But, I feel better.

Tea- I may take you up on your offer! But, I don't know if I could eat that much food!! LOL!! And I'm allergic to tuna!! hee hee!! And I do think we should get frequent flyer miles or something from our drs!!! Let's put in a request!! I like your idea of buy 5, get one free!! I'll have to mention it on my next visit!! At a $20 copay, plus meds, it's breaking my piggybank!!!!!

You guys are the best!! :o:blink:

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Guest Julia59

SSRI's can cause a person to gain weight! A lot of them are listed in a study of SSRI's and other anti-depressents that make people gain weight.

I'm taking another class----WELLBUTRIN---and I packed on 25 pounds---maybe 30! MY DIET HAS NOT CHANGED---AND THERE HAS BEEN NO INCREASE IN APPETITE.................................. I was told WELLBUTRIN would actually make a person lose weight---but it was also another one of those that was listed to make people GAIN weight............

I know a lot of people who have gained weight on SSRI's.

I hope you start getting better soon-------i'll be thinking good thoughts for things to get better for you. :o

Julie :0)

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When I was reading about how you started out with POTS, my mouth just dropped. It sounds exactly like me! I started out with severe diarrhea; I was practically living on Imodium in order to get to school (I was a freshman in high school at the time). I did lose a little weight at that time, which was astonishing because I was constantly hungry and was eating almost constantly. My stomach felt as if it were eating itself.

I went through the whole GI workup at the time, too. I wasn't diagnosed with anything, but my doctor had put me on Nexium and wanted to put me on something for IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I said no. The Nexium didn't help at all, either.

And then you have the weight gain....amazing. We must have the same form of POTS or something. It was devastating for me, too, because, well, I'm a teenage girl for goodness sake! :o

You're not doing anything wrong! You eat very healthy--you even make great choices when you eat out. You are very active. Have you tried strength training? It won't help you get the weight off immediately, but it will build your muscle mass and the more muscle mass you have, the more fat you burn. Plus, I've noticed that the stronger my muscles are, the easier it is for me to recover from an episode or I can avoid one altogether.

Just a suggestion. Don't worry about venting! I know how horrifying it is to find that you've gained all that weight, in so short a time, for no apparent reason. :blink: Email me anytime if you want to vent!

Stay positive!

Kristin :blink:

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