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Prescription: Creon, Have You Tried It???


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My GI Doc finally decided to try me on Creon.

I have not taken it yet. I take loads of other Digestive Enzymes and it helps a little but not nearly enough.

The Creon makes me nervous, not sure why, just the fact that one of the side effects listed is...."swelling of the big toe"

Good thing it's covered by medicare too.......... $397.98 for a 1 month supply......why????

Anyone have experience with this drug???

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My mom takes it because the octreotide she's on for carcinoid syndrome alters how her pancreas produces enzymes. To take the creon, she sprinkles it over a tablespoon of applesause and swallows (you're not supposed to crush the little granules and it's better absorbed if taken with food). She does this with each meal. For her, she's noticed better absorption of nutrients. She's not experienced any negative side effects and has been on it for years.

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