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Is This An Adrenaline Rush?


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This is by far my most frustrating and scary symptom. I'll be sitting on the couch or at the computer totally calm, when all of a sudden my head will feel incredibly cold both inside and out (I'm guessing this is lightheadedness), and my HR will creep into the 120's-140's within 30 seconds or so. Sometimes my heart will feel like it's pounding and other times I only know my HR's up from experience and checking my pulse. My oxygen level stays normal.

I've had enough of these episodes by now that I can stay mostly calm, and if I do some deep breathing my HR will slowly come back down. I'll feel a little shaky for a few minutes afterwards. The whole experience lasts maybe 5 minutes, but of course it feels much longer. They seem to come in waves, too. I'll go a few days to a week without one, and then I'll have at least one a day for a few days.

It's incredibly hard because I've been suffering from health anxiety ever since my symptoms started with an episode just like this. Each episode gives me an initial thought that "This is the one where you'll pass out" or "There's no way this could just be PoTS; this is [insert deadly problem here]". But what's really odd is that even though I'll have those thoughts, I don't actually feel any fear; at least not that I'm aware of. So these aren't panic attacks.

I was never like this before. I'm really hoping my neuro. will order tests for my adrenaline levels.

So - does this sound like a typical adrenaline rush? Anyone have anything similar happen?

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Forgot to mention that some of these episodes will be preceded by minor head sensations - cold pins and needles, a cold "burning" at the base of my skull. I'll also sometimes be feeling a little "anxious" for a while leading up to it. It's a hard feeling to describe... Like a combination of being a bit out of breath and like my body's at the edge of fight-or-flight.

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