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I just had fun cleaning my oven


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I apologize to everyone who's hurting out there tonight, physically and emotionally ... Know that I'm thinking of you and hoping you'll soon see a better day when you can actually make use of this silly tidbit...

This is up there with cosysoles and cooling neck wraps and Gatorade and other things that help get us through the day. I just cleaned the inside of my oven for the first time since we moved into this house 4 years ago (OK please try not to get too grossed out ... the rest of my house gets cleaned every 2 weeks [not by me] but I guess the cleaning service doesn't do ovens.)

The truth is--I cannot tolerate heavy chemical smells--and neither can my parrot! All those oven cleaners are so hideous; I can't bear to use them or ask anyone else to, and I won't buy the products. (And like I said, I don't want to lose my parrot for want of a clean oven.)

Two words: Scunci Steamer. I succumbed to an infomercial. And it's a miracle, I tell you. It took 5 or 10 minutes and a minimum of exertion and voila! The steam just melts off years of grime. True, my heart went to 135 even on beta blockers (I checked afterwards--but I'm not sure how much of that was exertion and how much was from being so thrilled) and my arm is pretty pooped now from holding the machine (it's heavy and I'm not very strong)... but I'm so grateful I don't even care very much. This too will pass, and I won't have to do it again for a long long time.

Actually, this is the kind of thing you can get a husband, partner, roommate to do--there's a lot of drama with all that steam and a heckuva lot of satisfaction in wiping away gunk with a paper towel that would have taken hours of scrubbing with steel wool.

I've bored you all to tears, haven't I! Sigh.

For all you newbies, though, looking for more cleaning tips, here's a recent conversation on the topic:


Take 'er easy,


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I'm sorry but I had to laugh. It's been about 4 years for me also as far as cleaning the oven. It's a self cleaner but I'm afraid to use it because of the fumes. It's so dirty I'm not even sure if the self cleaner will work if I do decide to try it.

Anyhow, it really is the little things like cleaning an oven which can keep us going. Which is a good thing.


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Guest tearose

Merrill, thanks for sharing your cleaning tool secret! If only there was a way to teach the remote control robot vacuum how to steam clean the oven...

I bet you don't bake in it for a few days...I picture walking by your oven and just looking in it to see the sparkle! :o

enjoy your success! tearose

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Are you kidding, Tearose? I popped a loaf of cranberry orange bread right in the oven after I was done! (Don't be impressed--a trader joe mix you just add water and egg and a tbl of oil... Sooo easy) Using my oven lately had become dangerous itself b/c of the burn-y fumes! My oven is so old it doesn't have that self-cleanng feature ... but my mom's does and it still stinks when she uses it. So Gayle, if you try it, open a window and leave the house for a while! Otherwise, go for the steam clean approach--no fumes! :o

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Don't you have to use only the self cleaner system on self cleaner ovens? I might have to wait until it's warmer so I can keep the windows open.

Now I'm going to start obsessing about how to get my oven clean. Thanks a lot Merrill. :D

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On my old self cleaning oven, that was all you needed. I think all it basically did was heat to a super high temp and cook out all the stuff turning it to an ash like substance you could just wipe out. I applaud all of you who would even attempt to clean an oven. I would be very upset with my wife if she even tried it. I screwed up yesterday and used a mildew cleaner in the bathroom. I don't think it caused her latest migraine, but it sure didn't help it. Even with how careful I am, I still "forget" from time to time.

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