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All Those Long Term Mestonin/midodrine Peoples


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Well as directed by doc Im now on 3 X 60mgs of mestonin a day and 3 X 2.5mg midodrine every 4 hours from rise. Im already on licorice three times a day as doc knows but I had weaned off chinese herbs.

I started on mestonin and at 30mg found it pretty useless. Upped it to 60mg and noticed benefit. i was on this for a week and had no side effects except feeling pretty fatigued still. All in all a nice medication that gave me between 40-50% benefit. Only side effect was waking feeling kinda dopey. I weaned off this over three days and suffered no ill effects.

I then trialled midodrine for three days alone. Felt wired, felt kinda crook after the first dose and on the third day I felt so wired after just two midodrine doses and a glass of coke that I couldnt relax physically. Wasnt terrible but it wasnt exactly fantastic.

I spoke to my family and they said try the mestonin alone again so I went back on that for three days and felt much better.

As of saturday I decided to try both as directed by my doctor. As soon as I trialled both I noticed two things - later in the day they work well to cancel each other out - less sleepy from mestonin and less wired from midodrine. Cool. But no sooner do I take my midodrine than my guts explodes and im getting pretty nasty stomach issues (which i never got with mestonin alone for a week and 2 days).

But again the midodrine is doing this thing where as soon as I take the first dose of the day I feel like death - It brings POTS on for me for those two hours, I feel worse than I would have without the dose and I feel dizzy, super fatigued and cant think straight. Then after 2 hours it kicks in and from that time onwrads and from the second dose I feel quite good.

This would be ok if I felt terrible all day long which at the moment I do, but usually I tend to have one significant period in the mid morning where my POTS is at its worse and then it reachs a peak and kinda subsides. Problem is midodrine just seems to bring that peak forward and then when its over it makes me feel better than I would normally in a period where i probably dont feel that bad anyway... confusing...

Ill give it two weeks and see but as far as I can tell Id feel better just on mestonin and maybe some caffeine in the morning...

Anyone who has been on these meds have any input? thanks heaps!

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Midodrine gave me intolerable side effects so I had to stop. I've never had mestonin...

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I'm on Midodrine and it did make me feel sort of nauseous at first. It took several days to get used to it. But it didn't feel like death... it was only medium crummy. I could tell it was working within a couple days though. Persistent side effects are some mild intestine upset/ gas, especially after the first dose of the day like you said... but not "exploding". Dry itchy scalp. Some difficulty urinating. The way I see it, it stimulates your body like you were cold. Everything constricts- arteries, gut, bladder, everything. And hair stands up.

I got a tolerance to it slowly over 3 years and I kept increasing the dose every few months. I've been at 3x10 mg for about 3 years now. That's the max recommended dose and I don't want to go any higher. It still helps, maybe 50% improvement. The only other med I tried was Toporol beta-blocker and it just made my fatigue worse. Caffeine does seem to help a bit.

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Made my tummy feel worse (already my worst symptom), increased dizziness, constant goose bumps, felt really "weird". I took it for a while and was just like ok this is making me more miserable, so that's why I stopped.

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