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Going Off Citalopram Or Is It Really That Helpful


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I am a newbie with all of this and was just diagnosed with dysautonomia. I have been on citalopram (celexa) for year because of post-partum depression. With having my last baby I am thinking of going off of it because I have gained a lot of weight while on it and it is really hard to get off with it. Plus extra weight is just making me feel worse and more tired. So my question is has citalopram really helped someone and do you think it would make my symptoms (which are not horrible right now) worse than they are? I can't get in to my doc for a while and he doesn't know a ton about dysautonomia anyway. I do not want to take midodrine which I have been prescribed because of the weird side effects and I cannot take florinef because I have a bicuspid valve and slightly enlarged aorta that florinef would only make worse. Thanks in advance.

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