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My nose tends to run the majority of the time. Then when I blow it, most of the time I get a bloody nose in my right nostril. I take allergy meds, so I'm not sure what it's connected to.

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im so glad you are getting responses!!! i've asked around the same questions over a year ago but to no avail.... but mine was about a constant stopped up nose!!!

im always blowing, wiping my nose..... it is runny alot.... but at the same time, one side stays constantly stopped up... sometimes both. I use to use a nasal spray for a long time and finally stopped it over a year ago (thank god).

It's kinda funny.... my parents could totally tell you about how i walked around the house for years with a piece of toilet paper stuck up in each nostril...... id just walk around that way cuz the nose would run so much!!!! still do it to this day :) haha

but it is aggravating nonetheless! :)

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There is also a condition called vasomotor rhinitis which I wonder about it's connection to all this.

I always have either congestion or runny nose or both. Everyone who knows me, knows I'm ALWAYS the go-to person for kleenex. LOL

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