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I've always told people with intestinal issues to drink aloe. It is very healing - but, not too much because it has a laxative effect. Xylitol is a sugar from a birch tree - it also kills bad bacteria. It can be used in place of other sugars and also helps to prevent cavities - it's not supposed to increase blood sugars as much as cane sugars do. Patients that have cancer, alternative docs tell this is the only type of sugar to use.

The diet 4 Your Type - also has a whole section on lectins and why not to eat them. It gives list of what foods are lectins and the only people who should eat some of them (select ones) are cancer patients. That diet has been of help to many people. It goes according to your blood type.

Of course, I think - EVERYONE should be on a good enzyme and also probiotics. What we eat and the dysfunction of our bodies . . .well, that's just a given.

If you have any sort of arthritis the nightshade family makes you hurt more. Don't let me get on a potatoe chip binge - oh, it taste so good and is so comforting - at the moment.. But, the after effects and the pain . . .well, we don't need to go there.

Oh, I guess you can tell - I'm really into this alternative stuff. Got a lot of knowledge in that area. It's so interesting and fun. I could talk all day about this type stuff.

Thanks for the article.


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Anna, I had a pots attack during my glucose tolerance test that would be consistent with this. Another notable idea is the prevalence of intolerance to carbohydrates and the high amount of sugar type substance within them.

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