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Help With Crazy Heartbeat.. What Has Helped You?


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Hello all, ok I have trouble with bradycardia. Sitting and laying down it will be 40-48 bpm sometimes lower. I stay fatigued. When it gets to 45 my eyes close because I get weak, but if I stand it spikes to above 100 bpm. And if I do anything it goes higher. I Am on 0.1mg florinef morning and afternoon, and paired with salts and fluids it has helped bring my bp up, but what can I do about the bradycardia?

There are times while sitting that my hr will jump to 75-90 but then as fast as it went up it plummets back down. This is very exhausting especially with caring for two babies. Any ideas I can bring up to my doc on the twentieth. He mentioned maybe pairing midodrine with my florinef will that help?

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