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Three Days Now With Hardly Being Able To Eat

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I dont know what is going on but now for three days I have hardly been able to eat again. I get tired gust prepairing my food then when i sit down to eat my jaw tires out and have trouble swollowing and chewing. i dont even want to et anything because of that.. one or two bites and i am full. i drink the ultrameal 360 and add multodextrine to my drinks for additional carbs and nutrician but that is even getting to be hard to swallow.. any suggestions? any one else going thru this?

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My problem is that I'm just no hungry, or if I am, nothing sounds good. At that point, I eat a lot of carbs with protein. Do you know how many calories you're eating? You should track that and make sure you're meeting your caloric needs, even if you're not eating the best of foods for a little while. I have to eat 1,650 calories a day or I lose weight, and I really can't afford to lose anymore.

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