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My Little Secret


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I went to a TCM specialist a few years back and he gave me a particular herbal prepartion that helped with the following:

* over stimulation

* dizziness

And it also increased the time it took for me to start feeling faint in the morning. It is an awesome mix.

I know that Firewatcher has some firm views about TCM and I agree with her that you should definately consult a skilled TCM specialist about herbal interventions. Under TCM philosophies we may have very different diagnosis so my experience is just a guideline.

I went to a second TCM specialist in early jan as i was struggling and they gave me an almost identical mix to last time which it thought was interesting.

I only took it for a week and Im only supposed to take it three days out of a week anyway as a soup. Since them ive been trialling mestonin for 1 week and now Midodrine for 4 days.

I can safely say that this mix is superior to both of these options. Far less side effects, doesnt just stop working abruptly and doesnt feel 'synthetic'.

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I wholeheartedly agree. The problems are:

1. Actually finding a good practitioner

2. Being able to get the herbs...One of the herbs I am on, which has been the most helpful, is completely banned in Europe and Australia and there is no substitute!

3. To get the full benefit, you have to cook them yourself...no pills or powders! The issue with this is that if you don't do it exactly like they say...you can end up really dead!

Other than these, if you can find a good practitioner, I have found the Chinese Herbal remedies are much easier on the system and work much better.

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