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Disappointing Immunologist Appt


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Saw immunologist/hematologist yesterday and once again feel like I have been at war.

I went there because my CD4 and CD8 counts have went below 200 (in two tests) and no one can figure out why. I am HIV neg, so that is not it. I did receive a steriod shot, took infusions of magnesium(I am low) and vitamins for a month and went on anti-viral theraphy with acyclovir(for shingles that keep trying to come back) and at retest the CD4 and CD8 count had improved a lot.

So my reason to see the immunologist was to figure out which one helped....if steriods, then this is autoimmune.

It is so hard when I have struggled so long with my illnesses to try and act stupid so a dr will help me. If you act like you know anything, they seem to shut down on trying to help you.

This dr had not looked at not one of my previous labs and wanted to pull 20 tubes of blood out of me....some repeat tests I had just had done a few weeks ago. I said let's not repeat those because I have a VERY bad reaction if you take that much blood out of me....he cut it down to 7 tubes....still felt bad and they had to lay me down to get the blood. Husband had to wheel me out of there in a wheelchair.

I am so frustrated. I prepare for each new dr and so hope that this will be the one that can help me....and I am almost always so upset and disappointed after.

I did mention the mast cell problem to him as I have had angioedemas(not like hives, mine last 2-3 days) for over 20 years and all he tested was a tryptase.

Just walking into the appointment(we could not find a wheelchair) made my blood pressure go to 178/110 and HR 130, face & chest was bright red, and really short of breath.

Oh well....sometimes I just want to stop.

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