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Excercise Intolerance - Do Beta Blockers Help?


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Some say they do.

The things that have helped with exercise intolerance are:

A supplement called Gaba taken before exercising

Afterwards rebound symptoms: caffeine and licorice.

Saline vastly improves my exercise intolerance. Before saline I was having trouble just sitting - after it I was ready to take on a marathon

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In some ways beta blockers helped-- I was able to do more before my heart rate got so high that I felt like I was dying. However, the beta blockers keep me from exercising as hard as I would in the past or want to at times, because they keep my heart rate low enough that if I am really working out hard I can end up more dizzy because my beta blocker isn't allowing my hr to get high enough to catch up. For me to get my standing/resting heart rate to stay between 95-130 I have to take enough b.b. that it prevents my heart rate from going above 180 bpm or so. Yet, even working out at 180 bpm I rarely am working hard enough to be short of breath or have sore muscles-- but I will get dizzy.

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