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Pots personalities  

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Very Interesting Poll!!

Must be a link somewhere....my theory is (im a midwife :rolleyes: i als go back to the roots!) the high stress hormones/brain firing of a person with this personality type may disturb normal chemical/hormone firing/levels in the fetal brain predisposing the baby to some of these problems later on in life?? It is not something that could be picked up on in the infant or quantified/tested for but the infants brain from the offset is firing to the same level as mums. On the job we als say whats happening for mum is happening for baby, if mum is tachy a baby will be too, same goes for high/low temps etc. Makes sense that the same theory applies with stress reactions.

Its vague but i would just love to do my own mini study on it sometime to see! :P


I agree with the mother/fetus connection. I had two potsy but okay pregnancies which resulted in pretty stable (emotionally, I'm talking) children.

My third one was was so different. Distressed all the time because of hubby's behaviour. Then going on to develop post-natal depression which actually BEGAN at the beginning of the third trimester and ended when bub was 9 months old. For the first 6 months of that pregnancy that baby was subjected to a lot of stress hormones. But the depression I suffered during the last six months of that pregnancy was huge and I know it effected him.

Baby was born super alert (unlike the other two who were sleepy little things) I swear, this baby hardly ever slept and would only go to sleep lying on my chest listening to my heart beat. Nurses said that they'd never seen any baby so wide awake and restless. He grew up to be a lovely young man but has many anxieties which he has learned to alleviate by being always busy, very physical until he tires his body enough so he can sleep at night. I have no doubt, it was the stress I was subjected to during that pregnacy, and therefore the stress he was subjected to, that made him a more stressed out, hyper active human being.

blue..... I will argue that one till I'm blue in the face, no matter what any doc says.

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I believe that the ME/CFS was in part brought on by anxiety/stress and the loop of ill health began. I believe that the autonomic dysfunction was part of this. I developed IBS soon after and as the years went by the neuropathy really kicked in and so did the heart/lung/BP problems. All connected.

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I suspect there's a bias towards over-achievers because we tend to be very bad at resting sufficiently, and illnesses like these require huge amounts of resting. Plus the bias mentioned earlier whereby people who are interested enough in their illness to participate in a forum about it are more likely to be the go-getting type.

It's why I get so infuriated when social workers accuse me of being lazy. I spent 8 years struggling to finish my undergrad despite getting sicker and sicker, I was doing umpteen things at once before I got ill and one of the highest-achievers in a very prestigious school - I'm seriously not lazy!

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Count me in too ; ) as I lay in bed now. I always did my best till POTS slowly took over whole body. When I look back now, I wish my mom had been dxed with this. She had a similar crappy life, but no one connected the dots. Hopefully, we can make life better for anyone else in our family who may get this by helping them get care earlier.

I wasted too much precious planet time with doctors who didn't know what to do with me.

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Weird to read this poll tonight - trying to work once again - and my cognitive impairment has me being written up left and right - I cannot remember things told me 5 minutes prior. Nearly 4.0 in BSN program and now I put myself out there to work and can't make it a quarter hour without a mistake. Getting called in the office twice weekly - 'gently' being asked to quit in gentle ways - only been there a month.

I'm only 55 and having to deal with grief of this type - whoa ~ losing one's mind. Used to think many joint replacements, EDS, labile b/p's and dysautonomia were a big deal. Used to think all the docs telling me my neck needs surgery was a big deal ... in the end it turns out - none of it is a big deal - medical debt is not a big deal - no matter what happens healthwise - not a big deal - But when you do all in your power to get well & even quit pain meds - I mean really push the envelope to get 'normal' only to find yourself faced with this? Well I can say I've tried my best - worked for 5 years to get this 'healthy' ... but now I'm losing my mind.

Well I don't know what to think honestly. It's been a good life. I don't know how many years I'll have where I even know how to type - who people are - etc.... I see my Mayo Neuro tomorrow - will probably have to 'quit' my job tomorrow - and in the end what can you do? Research last year says I'm twice as likely to die as anyone else for this cognitive impairment - jeepers.

Laugh your butt off I suppose is what I can choose to do - Just flipping laugh - because the tears are shed, the process has begun for 'letting' go - Many years too early - but I'm done fighting - now I'm just gonna float and go for the ride - fighting doesn't help in the end. Dwelling on it is really not the answer - forward - always forward - no matter the humiliation - no matter the frustration, no matter the nasty treatment from others who don't understand - crap I don't understand - so how would I expect them to understand?

Wish me luck - tomorrow I will 'do as the Dr. orders' - I just hope I never become one of those people that turns 'mean' that would REALLY ****...

Cheers everyone -- thanks for listening - I'm doing better just for sharing this burden!

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I am so ridiculously Type A that is immediately apparent to anyone that meets me. I was the person that was always striving for more, regardless of my accomplishments. It wasn't enough to get one degree, I had to get four. Had to graduate at the top of my class. Wasn't enough to do well at my job, I had to be the best in my field. Wasn't enough to publish more than my peers, I had to publish the most. This carried over to my parenting, my home life, and my marriage as well. I used to literally love that I could get everything done on a minimal amount of sleep. I always had an intense drive to be the best and just do more.

Thus, it makes me wonder on this correlation as presented in this poll. I think most doctors would be led to believe our Type A personalities caused our POTS. I am inclined to think that our Type A personalities are being caused by the same mechanism that is causing our POTS. It is almost as though our bodies, subjected to intense adrenaline that creates our Type A personalities, finally says 'enough' and we develop POTS. If it was simply overworking our bodies, our adrenals would show the fatigue but for me, at least, my adrenals test perfectly fine. Thus, something else is driving this inappropriate adrenaline response.

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