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Another Positive Dr. Experience, They Do Exist

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I was just referred to a new internal medicine Dr. And he is fabulous! His name is Dr. Thomas and he works for group health in the Seattle area. My first appointment with him was almost 2 hours. Of which time was spent performing a neurological exam, reading through my medical history reports from other doctors, looking up recent scientific journal articles on pots/autonomic dysfunction, and calling Dr. Goodmans office at the mayoclinic. Literally, he poked his head out the door and said to his nurse, "can you please get Dr. Goodman on the phone for me." Any way, he got a hold of Dr. Goodmans nurse and basically discussed what tests they could do here before my trip. Today was my second appointment with him and he brought up magnesium level testing and possible supplementation. He then went on to say that he thinks it has something to do with connective tissue,and asked me what my medical experience has been like so far with disorder (while smirking). I told him that it kind of stunk as far as diagnosis. And that doctors think they have me pegged when they see a 25 year old female complaining of fainting type episodes--anxiety. We also discussed theories in pots like the nitric oxide, connective tissue, neuropathy, mast cells and autoimmune. Really great Dr.

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That's great!!! :) He sounds really good. It is so awesome when you can find a doctor who really cares and you can tell wants to help you and it sounds like he does!

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