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A Product I Tried And Like, Pretty Good Stuff


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You might already know about this stuff, but I just found it locally yesterday at my Whole Foods.

We all seem to struggle with GI issues off and on. My biggest problem right now is with my teeth problems everything needs to be squishy or liquid.

I was shocked to find this yesterday at my Whole Foods in the aisle with the other Aseptic drinks. I love chocolate almond milk, and just recently found FlaxMilk, yummy.

Anyhow there was.... B.R.A.T. in original and vanilla. Bought one of each, a little pricey $3.99 each for the big square aseptic packs.

The vanilla is pretty tasty. I can do the original, but think it would be better mixed with something or even cooking with it a little.

The website says they have chocolate, yummy, just have to find it here or order it.

Check it out.......


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