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I have a liver lesion is what they are calling it - but, it isn't healing - had it for two years now. They are keeping a close watch on it - the x-ray tech was really concerned about it and told me to be sure and keep a watch - one doctor thought I had cancer - but, a different x-ray tech didn't think so. So, they are just watching it. I also, have something on one kidney and a brain tumor (that is growing) and lots of nodules in my thyroid. Don't understand why I have all these things. It's pretty scarry - I just try to not think about what these things could be. Not much I can do about it - will address it when I have to. Today, just try not to dwell on those things.

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Thanks all - I feel your love.

No, they haven't said anything about sarcoidosis - but, I've wondered that myself. I also had a doctor that I spoke with on the phone say that of all the POTS patients he'd seen in his life time career of radiology he found that most the ones he saw had neurofibromotosis. So, that could be a possiblity too. That's what he said about all these tumors all over me. But, I can't seem to get a doc to look into that.


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