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Doxepin..? Good, Bad And Ugly?


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Hey all!

So recently in the last couple of weeks I went to see a Mast Cell specialist to start ruling in or out mast cell involvement in my illness. I have been diagnosed with several forms of Urticria and Dermographatisim.....blood tests for mastocytosis should be back in 6 weeks. In the meantime he has given me a script to start Doxepin. I have not had much luck taking any regular anti histamines make me so dizzy and naseous although i have noticed improvement in my leg pooling when on them.

My question is to all of you masties out there.....what can you tell me about Doxepin? He has only prescribed 10mg to start at night. He thought because it is also an old fashioned anti depressent it may help stabalize some of the POTS stuff too. How many of you have seen good results with this medication?

I have been so very sick and struggling but am really afraid that this could make things so much worse. Would love some feedback :)


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My son has taken doxepin for 2.5 years now in varying dosages. It started helping some of his POTS symptoms right at the start. Some symptoms never came back once he started it, ie- hot spells, weak 'licorice' legs. The higher the dose he was on the better he did. When he was on the maximum dose,175 mg, he was able to return to school and his symptoms were minimized in severity. UNFORTUNATELY, it only lasted 6 weeks before he tanked again.

He is currently being weaned back up to 125 mg to see if it has any effectiveness again. PS,,if you have any insomnia or sleep issues it will knock you out. So he has to take it at bedtime.


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Hey Bren,

I don't know. If you can't tolerate an antihistamine....I'm not sure WHAT doxepin will do to you. It's one of the biggest guns in the masto world. Have you tried all of the antihistamines- even claritin & allergra? (they are often considered to be the mildest in terms of side effects.) Like you, my blood pooling and all of my autonomic stuff improves on antihistamines.

Christy's son is on EXTREMELY high doses of doxepin, around 20 mg is what most masto patients end up with. I would proceed with extreme caution. Take it at a time when you have assistance should you need it. It totally knocked me out at first. I took it at a time when I was on very high doses of antihistamines. I grew to tolerate it well and it helped ALL of my symptoms greatly.

I hear that you need relief, i just worry that doxepin might be overkill for you. Check with your doc or pharmacist to ensure that it is OK (I think it is) to cut the 10 mg in half or even quarters. Take it at night (or when you can sleep) & be prepared for the best sleep of your life :rolleyes:

Let us knowhow it goes-


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