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To The Women: Menses And Bloating

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Since you have had pots, have you noticed any changes in the bloating that occurs during menstruation? I noticed that when i was in my 20's, my bloating increased significantly. Then since i have had pots, the bloating has reduced. This is probably the best i have felt during this time, i have been active, not laid up etc, and i noticed that my bloating is remarkably higher. Like, last night, i was concerned about my kidneys because the bloating was so significant. I only urinated 3 times yesterday, despite drinking lots of water, as opposed to 10 times a day, with salt and fludrocortisone.

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I have noticed that I'm permenatly bloated if I eat. A few times my stomach has been so upset I don't eat anything for up to three days and my stomach looks normal. Then if I eat anything my stomach gets really big and feels bloated.

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