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So Proud Of Myself!

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This phase of the month is usually the worst for me. I decided that I wanted to make this month different. So, I have been on my feet for the past 3 days. And today, I stood on a chair and washed my celings and walls for over an hour! With my hands above my head! It was awesome and I haven't had that type of exercise in so long! I don't know what my hr rate was but I'm going to guess 160 just because I am so out of shape. When I decided to stop my hr was 130 and then began to slow down. I'm sure ill pay for it tomorrow but it was so worth it. Hoping to try and start jogging soon. Maybe I can beat this pots business. :) also, wanna thank jangle for the inspiration! And of course everyone else on here for being so supportive!

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