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Long Term Midodrine


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I've only been on it since Oct. Now take 10 mg 3 times/day. I was on Mestinon with it but could not tolerate the Mestinon, so it was discontinued with the intention of later adding another agent to get me hypertensive. Just taking the Midodrine, I find my BP usually runs in 90s or low 100's over low 60s or 70s. If I am anxious (i.e. doctor's office it may get up to around 132/84--but not usually). When I got my gamma globulin IV, it stayed in low 90's over low 50's but did go up once to 102/44.

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Have been on it two years. Was just told to increase my dose to 10 mg 3x/day about a week ago. Ironically, I seem to be getting lower BPs now on the higher dose than I was before.

When I first started it I thought it was a huge help. Not sure it's as much of a help now as it was then. It allowed me to get back to work after being off for 9 months so I was happy to have it back then.

Are you still trying the mestonin or did you quit that one Rama?

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