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Raynaud's. Diagnosed Today..what Helps?


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I was diagnosed with Raynaud's today. And rec'd my second opionion/pots diagnosis in Dec 2011. I currently take 25 mg metoprolol succinate, zoloft 25mg, klonopin .5 mg, sodium chloride 3gms a day (gradually increasing), ubiquinol 50mg, fish oil with vitamin d3, red marine algae, olive leaf extract and magnesium citrate 800 mg.

I have read where metoprolol can aggrivate Raynaud's and should not be taken. I have a call and email into my pots specialist to see what they say.

I had my tsh, free t3, free t4, ferritin, tibc, vitamin d, cbc and metabolic panel checked last week and hope to have results tomorrow.

I do not pass out or have low bp. My standing norepinephrine the 45 min TTT was in the 800's. I have 2 small 5mm hypoechoic thyroid nodules that are being re-scanned via U/S at the end of next month.

Would love to hear from those who have both pots and raynaud's to see what work for you

Thanks so much!


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The only thing that helps me is prevention. I wear socks and even gloves when other folks are in T shirts and flip flops. My rheumatologist concurred and did not recommend any drug therapy. Maybe others have better solutions. I just try to keep from getting cold in the first place. It does not do a thing for fashion!

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If I can control my POTS symptoms as much as possible, I notice I have less problem with peripheral vasoconstriction. For me, compression hose actually reduced the pernio I suffer from. Also, lots of salt and fluids. Of course I also have Smartwool and Acorn socks (sometimes 3 pairs over my hose). When my feet are freezing, going for a walk helps get circulation back in. I can't warm my feet too quickly (ie in hot water or a heating pad) or I get chilblains. But sometimes I tuck them under one of my sleeping, large dogs for some nice warmth! :P

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i was switched to norvask it helps some but other than that i sit on my hands and feet, have to keep my ears covered anytime it gets cold, put hand warmers in my shoes and gloves, and then my regular pots rutine . It sometimes seems to help by shaking out my hands. it gets worse when its cold out side or if i get stressed or sick

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