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Relationship Question


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I have read so many posts about relationships going bad once a person gets sick but I am having the opposite problem. When I am sick my husband is great. He takes care of me like no other. The problem is that I am aggressively trying to get better and he acts like he doesn't want me to! Everything I meantion that may help he is opposed to! Worst of all I am feeling better and he acts like I am doing something wrong! Any ideas? I thought he would be happy!

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Interesting...Perhaps your husband has a caretaker tendency and feels 'good' about himself while he is helping out? Not that he is consciously doing that, it just happens. I am a 'caretaker,' too! I have heard before that people volunteer or give to charity for the good feelings it gives them. I can't recall if I heard it was that endorphins were released or what it was. I don't know if it is true or not, just a theory. That is nice that he is so good to you, though. My husband is so-so about it. His standard response is "Well, go lay down then" - which isn't always practical when things need to get done.

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