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Google As A Member?


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i'm not really sure naomi, but i think they are people who found us via google and are looking around. they can read posts but can't take part and i also know that signatures can't be read by them. the signatures are only readable to members, profile pictures can be seen by non-members.

hope this helps!

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I know that google comes on and grabs certain topics that we talk about and when you do a search they will come up under that search. I'm guessing they have to have people reading our forums to be able to put it under a subject to be able to find it with a search. (This is just a guess.) But, I know if I look up my profile on google, it will come up. I've looked a couple of people up and just about all their discussions either here or on other forums are listed all in one place under the search for them. So, guessing somehow they are putting certain things into catagories for searches. It's true, what we say here - doesn't stay just here - it goes out to other places and is being tracked with the subjects we're discussing.

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Actually, no, it's highly unlikely that they have any real living people looking at the forum at all. Software likely does all of it. And yes, while we have members only able to contact each other directly here via pm, as well as are the only ones able to see your signature lines and profile, this is still a PUBLICLY VISIBLE forum. That's why we remind people all the time about the fact that EVERYONE who wants to see what you're writing here can see it.

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I'm guilty of thinking that I'm just talking to my freinds on dinet when I post here. I like

feeling that way because it's so reassuring. I was all alone with my illness

for 15 1/2 years before finding the web. My family was and is there but they don't understand 1\10

of what I'm saying.

I really don't like the feeling I get thinking about those who don't understand

OI reading what I'm saying. I see why so many people stick to private messaging or emailing now.

The downside to keeping this private is all the great info we would be missing out on from those we

didn't talk to privately.

Bummer ..

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I'm with you all with this. I was here one day and saw "Facebook" was on. I thought, "Oh, my gosh, is what I'm saying going to go on my Facebook timeline now?" which would not have been good because it was that discussion we all were having about our marriages. I'm a bit afraid now of what I do on the computer for fear it will show up on my Facebook page, like this discussion about my marriage here while "Facebook" was watching. Yeah, kind of creepy!


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