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Phlebotomist Stunned


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So I went to see a new neurologist who supposedly knows about weird causes of neuropathy. Have to say I was really pleasantly surprised - he was so nice, spent a lot of time with me, was very patient and kind. A breath of fresh air as far as Doctors go. Turns out I was already tested for most of the things he could think of, but he added a few things. I went over to get blood drawn, the phlebotemist looks at my arms and goes, "what is that!? I've never seen that before." I had my livedo mottling thing going in full swing. Even I was thinking wow, that looks bad. She draws blood everyday, has had to have seen thousands of arms, but has never seen this before? Do you guys get it this bad that it's actually shocking to look at? :unsure:

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Yes I do. During my TTT it was so bad my cardiologist brought student doctors in to show them an example. This was actually one of the first things that told us it was not all anxiety because I turn SO purple/ redish.

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