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How Do You Get Out Of A Flare Up?


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Hi - Due to worsening POTS symptoms I have self diagnosed (never good! :)), some sort of flare over the last month.

Mainly really I have just been feeling mentally not right and generally out of it leaving me unable to use Public transport and therefore go in to work amongst other things. I'm well aware that blood proably isnt getting to my brain as it should.

I seem to have tried manipulating every variable I can to try and get back to my baseline POTS state but so far no good. I'm seeing no improvement.

These are the variable's which I have tried to change. I'd be really greatful for suggestions on any other things that could be manipulated, meds aside to try and get one out of a hole! I am about to be treated for MCAD and then hopefully can start Fludro/Midro, but as yet on no drugs other than DDAVP for diabetes insipidus.

Sleep - Have tried 12 hours or 4 and everywhere in between, still wake up feeling out of it.

Bed tilt - Have tried sleep or with a 4 inch tilt, makes no difference. Any more than 4 inches and I keep waking up in night.

Exercise - Trying frequent short bouts of exercise, and long 2 hour sessions, niether makes a difference. Tolerance seems to have declined to cardio


Diet - I eat Paleo gluten free anyway but it's not helping

Sugar/refined carbs - more or less makes no difference

Salt/potassium - Tried increasing and decreasing, niether helps

Hydration - Tried increasing and dereasing water with no change

Spending my days standing - not helping!

Supplements - Not tried anything other than a multi vit and vit C, but will be adding more

My recent FBC was normal, vit D good, BP has been normal for me (chronicly low diastolic), and I dont feel tired or fatigued, just out of it!

Only thing i can think of otherwise is some sort of electrolyte imbalace which i'll be geting tested for next week.

Any thoughts or tips appreciated, Sorry for the long post as always!

Thank you


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wow! that is interesting.... i like how you made each point.... gives me ideas on theories and confirms others for me. I have no clue on earth how to get out of a flare, other than to just rest. I like you, have tried everything under the sun and i still feel like death.

totally clueless.... but im interested to see what others post :)

sorry about your flare up.... i've been in a relapse since oct 2009 and it just isnt changing no matter what i try/do....... but im a fighter :)


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When i flared in sept my integrative doctor ordered several labs. Serum, urine and stool. I tried to convince her that it was just celiac disease again, but lucky for me she didn't buy it.

Have you seen this type of doctor yet ? They run some traditional tests but they're looking for root causes. Fuzzy thinking can be a symptom of candida overgrowth. You may still be eating something you're intolerant of too. Chicken makes me fuzzy headed as does too much fruit.

Imho, The stool test I had turned out to be the most telling. I had h pylori, parasites and gluten antibodies.

So far I've treated once for h pylori, stopped all possible food sources of gluten cross contamination

and will do the parasite treatment tomorrow. So far, my oh and pots haven't improved yet but

I'm still hopeful. But then again with my history of brain damage, this may not help ..

Come to think of it, I am feeling well enough to go to the beach now. : ) .. I'm sitting mostly, but I was

definitely too weak to go before treating for h pylori. I'm in the process of rebuilding my gut ecology

which will take a couple more weeks. I'd been going 3 - 10 times a week before getting h pylori.

Hope you feel better soon .. D

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My daughter has also what I call a "crash" since October. However, she has crashed even further since x-mas and it's so hard. I feel for you! It's so difficult as a parent watching her struggle just to try and live every day. I know her doctor wants to try more meds but honestly, we tried dozens of meds for 3 years and very few actually did anything for her.

Hilbiligirl- keep fighting! Easier said than done on some days but I just keep trying to encourage my daughter to not give in to this and that I (& many others) are diligently praying for her.


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