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Blood Pooling In Legs


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I don't feel the pooling in my legs, I feel it draining out of my torso. And I can see my legs change color but I don't experience a sensation. I know others have described various fellings in their legs. I do get a feeling of "tightness" in my calves when I use the recumbent bike and I think its actually caused by pushing the fluid out of my legs and finally feeling a sense of good circulation in them again. I also get this when I'm walking the dog and the sensation of tightness goes away as soon as I stop walking/moving...that's why I think it is actually a good sign that the circulation is improved with the exercise.

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Like Dani, mine will feel heavy and hurt, especially when I sit too long, (it's the extra fluid with vasodilation, which is caused by some of the medications we take, too). I had this once on the right side of my body, too, after a virus with nerve pain. It took several years to go away; I couldn't even sleep on that side for years after without it going numb, but it is better now. I thought I had MS for many years before my diagnosis. I finally went to a neurologist and had that ruled out just recently, and I have no cerebral aneurysms either, which my dad had; thank God for that!!

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