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Apps To Track Symptoms


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Hi... I don't really have an "App" but I have something called iHealth which hooks up to my iPhone which is pretty handy. It is a BP cuff that hooks up to my iPhone and takes my BP and HR and tracks it. The ONLY problem (which is pretty significant for me) is that it is not very sensitive to measuring lower blood pressures. It is great for higher blood pressures. But it has a really hard time detecting lower blood pressure. Anything below 60/40 can't be read correctly. It just gives me an error message and just said "BP unreadable" or something like that. But it is really cool because it tracks everything, both BP and HR and I think that it would be super helpful with someone with higher blood pressure. I will need to find something that will be more sensitive to lower blood pressures. If anyone is aware of anything that would be better for that, I would love to hear your ideas!!!



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