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Supraventricular Tachycardia On Ekg

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Hi lemons, ask dr g about this when you see him but I do not believe it is related to pots . However, svt is common in young women. My cardio told me that the rhythm that is common in pots is called sinus tachycardia which basically means a normal rhythm originating from the sa node but it is just too fast. I believe svt originates outside the sa node in the atrium from an area that is creating signals abnormally. That is the kind of rhythm that gets very fast but is treatable with radio ablation to basically burn off the area that is abnormally creating a charge. I have a friend with svt and she had the radio ablation and has done wonderfully. I also believe there is someone else on this forum that has svt. I know it can be scary when it gets going very fast but it isnt one of the dangerous irrythmias from what I understand. I feel for you cause my sinus tach sometimes gets up to 200 bpm which is in the svt range. Did you have an episode or was it an incidental finding?

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You'll have to ask your doctor what it means. I looked up svt and the strict definition is a tachycardia that does not originate from the ventricles. So it could mean sinus tachycardia which is what pots is. However most doctors use it as meaning something other than sinal tachycardia, so you'll have to see. Also since its not in the ventricles you'll be alright whatever it is.

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