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Greg Page-Returning To Touring With The Wiggles......what Was His Treatment?


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Anyone familiar with the group he works with DYNA? I found this name mentioned in several websites.

From Greg Page's Wikipedia page:

Illness and retirement

On 30 November 2006, The Wiggles announced that Greg Page would leave the group due to poor health.[2]

Page had experienced health difficulties since December 2005, when he underwent a double hernia operation and withdrew from his group's U.S. tour after suffering repeated fainting spells, slurred speech, fatigue, and trembling.[3][4] Although Page was missing for virtually all of the late 2006 U.S. tour, audiences were informed of Page's absence at concerts moments before the curtain went up.[5] At first, Page was told that he had seven years to live,[4] but he was diagnosed with a non-life-threatening and difficult to diagnose chronic illness called orthostatic intolerance or dysautonomia, which causes symptoms such as fatigue and loss of balance. Specialists believed that Page had mild episodes of the illness going back twelve years, and that his symptoms worsened after his hernias. It was decided that Page would retire from performing with The Wiggles to better manage his health.[2] In the months following the announcement of Page's retirement, he received an "overwhelming outpouring of public support". He reported that it took his parents six months to respond to the "mountains of letters, emails and sympathy notes".[4] It was reported that as part owner of The Wiggles, Page was given a $20 million payout.[6]

Page was succeeded by Sam Moran as a full member of the group.[2]

[edit] Post-Wiggles

By late 2009, Page had recovered enough from his illness to begin touring with another country rock band, but with a more limited schedule than The Wiggles. He had also started his own foundation, the Greg Page Fund, to raise funds and educate the public about orthostatic intolerance.[7] In addition, he is a supporter of, and spokesperson for, the Dysautonomia Youth Network of America (DYNA).

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