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Runner Girl would be the one to ask. She is queen of catecholamines testing. I believe the test you're having will determine whether you might have a tumor on your adrenal glands. But some here just have elevated catecholamines and no tumors, just POTS.

Hope your test goes well. When is it?


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Hi, Haley

That is a test for pheochromocytoma, a tiny tumour which can be found on the adrenals or in a number of other places. For a tiny tumour, it can wreak enormous havoc on your system, sending your blood pressure zinging all over the place. They are not easy to find, however.

Clonidine usually will bring your blood pressure down. Do you have problems with high blood pressure intermittently? They may test to see if this drug corrects that.

Mostly people complain of sleepiness on clonidine. That's what it does to me. But if you only have to take it once, in the hospital where you can rest anyway, it does not sound so bad.

Best of good fortune!



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