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What Items Do You Take With You Every Day?


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Inspired by a similar post on another chronic illness forum. What items do you take with you every day, don't leave the house without, stash in the car/your office if you drive/work, etc? I'm thinking specifically dysautonomia-related stuff, but other stuff for related health conditions might be good too.

For me - full liter water bottle, bag of goldfish, dramamine, ibuprofen, as-needed meds (lorazepam, hydrocodone, albuterol), salt, collapsible stool, deck of Set cards (to help brain fog), wallet card with health info. Specifically for joint issues - ace bandage, folding cane. Also a full day's supply of all of my meds in a keychain pill case.

How about you?

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I bring tums with me where ever I go for nausea/ GERD. Water, salt and different medicines depending on how long I will be out for. Also I always wear a tank top or T shirt and bring a jacket incase I get too hot/cold.

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#1: FOOD!!! I have food stashed in my purse, in the car, I eat before I leave the house(even if I ate 30 minutes earlier), and always have a plan when/where my next meal is going to be while out.

#2: WATER!! I am always seen drinking and eating. Always.

#3: I take Xanax for sleep, but about once a month, I get in a social bind, so take a small piece of one of my pills to help me get through whatever it is.

#4: Layers of clothing in winter. I start out with either short sleeves or a lightweight long-sleeve shirt. I then have layers for when I'm cold, but can quickly take off for

that inevitable hot flush.

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Ah, clothing - I forgot to mention that! Sweater always in any weather, plus my alpaca wool hat (can even be lowered over the eyes if I need a nap or vision is overwhelming) and biking gloves to keep my hands warm. Also compression stockings.

Set is a card game where you attempt to match cards into patterns - it can be played solitaire, which is how I play it. I find that fitting the cards into groups can help me regain some function during times of brain fog, and it's more useful than surfing the internet to regain function when I'm completely frazzled at work!

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My beloved phone. It is my lifeline and I have my hubby listed as my ICE. Also a full bottle of salt water is with me everywhere. I am a pet sitter so I list my agenda for the day on the front of my schedule book and cross the visits off as I finish so worst case scenario another sitter could pick up the slack.

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I quit driving entirely about 9 or 10 months ago. So I always have someone with me if I leave the house, because my body hardly cooperates with walking around the house these days! Additionally:

1. Cash/credit/debit card- so I can buy additional beverages, snacks, etc.

2. Phone- entertainment and important contact info all in one. I even keep a (relatively!) current med list stored in my phone

3. Three ring binder- my health binder which contains contact info for all of my specialists, information on my POTS and EDS as ER docs frequently have no idea what I am talking about, much faster for everyone to just have the most current articles I can find by specialists, my healthcare power of attorney, and my living will. And any other important info like med lists, and contact info for my family and fiance.

4. Norwegian formula hand cream. No matter how much I try to stay well hydrated, my hands are perpetually dry/cracking, and it drives me nuts! So I always have some sort of hand cream, but this is my favorite!

5. Rescue meds for pain/nausea, just in case.

6. Like others, lots of clothing layers, between POTS and early onset menopause (emergency hysterectomy last year) I am either freezing or broiling, with no happy medium.

7.Water and a granola bar or some dried apricots.

8. Wheelchair or cane, depending on how bad off I am that day.

No wonder why I look like a pack animal when I leave the house! :blink:


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